so I was thinking that mark ruffalo sounds a lot like mark buffalo, and then i decided that i obviously wasn’t going to be the only one who thought about this. so i typed ‘ruffalo the buffalo’ into google images and i found these…




i don’t know why but it made me happy 

I don’t know why but it makes me happy too.

AoS + text posts [2/?] - Skye Edition


dude god could come down from heaven with a million angels and tell me that gif is pronounced “jif” and i still wouldn’t fucking do it

cupcakesandtv replied to your post: okay i also joined twitter, again…

LOL I was like “who’s this molly person? omg how do people even find me? who randomly follows someone on twitter? what? do they like crying abotu shows or something?” now i feel like an idiot for not noticing it was you. so laugh about that.

As someone who has your phone number I am deeply offended. Also I was just as shocked as you that you even popped up under the “suggested friends” or w/e feed. But then I checked and we have actually emailed before SO THAT’S WHY. MYSTERY SOLVED. I SHOULD BE A DETECTIVE.

okay i also joined twitter, again (my old account was hack whatever whatever), mostly just to prove that i can social media with the best of them. i’m @mollygobeski and yes i was too lazy to come up with an original name. that’s what’s great about my name- no one else has it.


Armani Privé Fall - Winter 2014/15 backstage


Armani Privé Fall - Winter 2014/15 backstage

I have this thing where I think you have to convince yourself that ideas don’t belong to you, that they’re plentiful and out for the catching. You just go out in the air with your net and you grab some  Brit Marling


cupcakesandtv replied to your post “someone censored me! ”

what?! where?!

Here! My original post very clearly said “fucking treasure”. 

Maggie Q for The Hollywood Reporter: The Faces of Fall TV.

Maggie Q for The Hollywood Reporter: The Faces of Fall TV.

someone censored me! 


too many feminist discussions are about reassuring men that feminism isn’t about ~hating them~ im so over it

got an ello account. idk what to do with it. but if you have one i’m @vangoghing